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bat-fan-2.jpgBaseball is a game handed down from mothers and fathers to sons and daughters, generation after generation. In our family, baseball has been part of our lives almost as long as we can remember.

When our son was 16 we paid $300 for a three-pack of wood bats for his summer team. Now, we all know wood bats don’t last forever, but in just one week he broke two of them. $200 dollars gone, just like that!

We figured there had to be a better way. So our family bought a wood lathe, and spent two years perfecting the bat-making process: the wood, the grain, the cuts, the finish. Friends and teammates tried our bats and loved them, and we discovered a market for high-quality wood bats at a very fair price. CR Bats was born, its name derived from the initials of its founders, Christian and Ric.

As sales increased, we quickly outgrew our little wood lathe—a great problem to have! We were exploring high-volume production options when an unexpected opportunity arose: the owners of a premiere local bat company wanted to talk to us.

Loren Wood and his father Rick started Wild Woody bats back in 2005. Wild Woody Bats has a great reputation in the state of Washington, offering the grand-slam package everyone is looking for. Now they were ready to retire. Were we interested? It was a perfect pitch, and we swung for the fences.

Loren and his father had been heartbroken to think all the hard work of building their brand and reputation would disappear, so they were delighted to learn we wanted to keep the name. Hey, we’re baseball people, and superstition is everything in baseball. You don’t mess with a good thing—and Wild Woody Bats is a very good thing.

So now we are proud to combined CR Bats and Wild Woody Bats into one high-quality enterprise. A company started by one father and son, now passed down to a new generation, a father and son.


How our bats are made.

raw-wood.jpgAs bat orders come into us, the first step we take in making your customized maple or ash bat is the turning style (the shape of the bat). The process starts here as premium maple and ash billets are pre-weighed & balance-tested to help us hand pick the best billet for your bat.

All bats are cut using the latest CNC technology on the market. After this comes the sanding, logo application, and finish painting process. All wood bats come game ready.

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