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Hear Testimonials From Real Players Swinging A Wild Woody Bat

"I've been buying Wild Woody Bats for over three years for me and my boys, and they are the highest quality wood bats I've ever seen. The bats hold up very well to rigorous usage. In fact, they are so good that every boy on my son's team purchased one for a big wood bat tournament we had. Thanks for making such a great product."

— Ron Stevens

"I belong to Marysville Baseball Association select 15U team, and I have used Wild Woody Bats for the past three years—moving up in bat size as I've grown and improved. I use the W-271 model for games and tournaments. I've found that the performance of this bat is awesome. I use the Big Dog model for pre-game training and warmups, which has improved both my bat speed and my swing. Not only do the guys at Wild Woody make great bats, they can also customize the bat color for you. Our team recently purchased a set of Wild Woodys for a tournament, all designed around our team colors. Whenever I talk to Loren about purchasing a new bat, he always has great advice and he continually recommends the perfect bat for me. I look forward to games where I can use my Wild Woody!"

— Robert Barrett

"I am very pleased with my Wild Woody bats. I have tried a number of other bats, and I haven’t found anything I liked as much. With the many styles and custom-fit options available, these are the bats for me. As I keep playing, I'll keep swinging Woodies. In fact, I've recommended these bats to other teammates and they all have been just as satisfied."

— Devin Peterson

"Only recently have I been introduced to the fine craftsmanship of Wild Woody Bats. My boss’s son, who plays junior college baseball, broke his Louisville Slugger in a game the night before. Needing a bat the next day, the Wild Woody team was incredibly helpful and was able to outfit him with a 34 inch W-271 model that they had on the shelf so he could play in the game. My second story involves me in the first game of my adult baseball league's season where I put it over right field fence. Wild Woody bats sound different when you connect with the ball—they're like no other bat. Each one is magnificently made with care and attention to the batter's swing. I'll be honest, it's hard to go back to any other bat company. Once you get your specially-made Woody, you feel like a pro. Several opposing players in my league also use Woodys and they love them. I couldn't recommend them more highly."

— Gabriel Gapol

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